Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Why Choose Us?

21st Century Financial Services identifies the issues in life that are of supreme importance, highest impact, and preeminent in value. These are the matters in life that rank above all others – the things we must master if we are to achieve our goals. At 21st Century Financial Services, we know the paramount issues that matter most to our clients.

The biggest issues we face in retirement planning
are answers to questions like:

  • Will I run out of income in retirement

  • If the market falls, will my income plans be jeopardized?

  • How will I battle the cost of inflation in retirement?

  • How will taxes affect the legacy I am able to pass to my loved ones?

  • Will I be able to afford the cost of long-term care should I become disabled?

Our passion at 21st Century Financial Services is helping our clients discern the issues that matter most to them, and more importantly, find solutions that will help them address these important decisions. When you are searching for an advisor to guide you through these paramount decisions, there are three things that matter most to us. We call these three things our core values.


There are many things to know about a solid financial plan – this part of financial planning is called knowledge. Many advisors are knowledgeable about the financial landscape, but very few take that knowledge to the next step – wisdom. Wisdom is the skillful application of knowledge. When you are searching for an advisor to guide you through retirement, it’s essential to work with someone who not only understands finances, but works hard to apply this understanding into a comprehensive financial plan. Wisdom is the first way 21st Century Financial Services pledges to serve our clients and is the cornerstone of our core values.


At 21st Century Financial Services, we know the obstacles that stand between you and a secure retirement. We spend our days dedicated to helping our clients avoid risk, seek competitive growth, and guarantee income for the future. Because of our extensive experience we feel your pain, frustration and worry as you plan for the future, and we channel this empathy as we craft solutions for each individual. It’s one thing to recognize emotion in financial planning – it’s another thing to work side-by-side with a team of professionals who are in the trenches working as a team to forge a secure path to your future goals.


As you search for answers to the questions your future concerns, you may feel like you are crossing uncharted territory. Rest assured, that while every situation is unique, our experience plays a vital role as we apply our past success to your future success. Experience is not something that can be purchased, leased or borrowed; it is an invaluable asset that must be earned through a successful past. When you partner with 21st Century Financial Services, you are getting more than a new perspective, you tap into the most valuable resource of all – our years of experience helping people like you achieve their goals.

What should you consider when


We believe choosing a financial professional can be
narrowed down to a very short list of what matters most.

We Call Them The Three T’s


You’ve spent a lifetime working and saving to build a nest-egg for the future. Because the quality of your retirement rests on this nest egg, it’s imperative to work with a professional who puts your best interest first. We are honored to be the dedicated financial professional for many local families, and we’ll work hard to earn your TRUST as well.


Even the most skilled financial professional is of no value to you if you’re unable to spend quality time together. Often times professionals cater to the needs of their biggest clients with little time left for their other clients. We are committed to investing the TIME it takes to get to know you as an individual, to craft solutions that will help you reach your specific goals, and to be with you every step of the way in the future.


There’s something to be said for independence. As an independent firm, we are not obligated to use the proprietary products of just one company; we have the freedom to choose from a variety of financial TOOLS. While you may not see our name on television ads like the big-box firms, we have the freedom to choose solutions for you that may reach far beyond the restricted offerings of our competition.